Things to Avoid While Pregnant

"tuna fish"Most women know to stay away from drugs, alcohol, and smoking while pregnant, but there are other things a woman should avoid during her pregnancy that are not so obvious. It is important to know what things could be harmful to your baby so that you can have the healthiest pregnancy possible.


While consuming tuna fish once per week is relatively safe, not all fish are advisable during a pregnancy. Shark, tile-fish, king mackerel, and swordfish all contain elevated levels of mercury, which could affect your unborn child. It is best to stay away from these types of fish completely.

Surprisingly, you should also stay away from deli meats while pregnant. These meats sometimes contain listeria, which can cause a woman to miscarry.

When consuming any type of meat, make sure it is cooked to the recommended FDA temperature. It is essential that all harmful bacteria are killed during the cooking process. It is never okay to eat raw meat, and this goes for meat spreads as well. As it pertains to cheese and dairy products, the rule is not to consume unpasteurized foods during a pregnancy.

Limit or eliminate caffeine while pregnant. Some studies suggest that caffeine may be a factor in miscarriages. In this case it is better to be safe than sorry.


Although many exercises are safe for pregnant women to continue to participate in, other forms of physical activity are not. Bicycling, running, jogging, scuba diving, skiing, basketball, soccer, hockey, surfing, tennis, and horseback riding are no nos when pregnant. Always seek guidance from your physician before committing to any type of sport during your pregnancy.

You’ll also need to stay away from jacuzzis, saunas, and hot tubs until after your baby is born. The excess heat can lead to various birth defects.

Any woman that has a cat should cease from cleaning the cat’s litter box as soon as she discovers that she is pregnant. This is because a nasty parasite may be present in your cat’s feces that can cause toxoplasmosis. Although this risk is considered low, there is no risk low enough to ignore when it comes to the health of your unborn baby.

Amusement park rides clearly state on their signs that pregnant women should not ride many of the rides. As much as you may love the rides, it is best to wait until your child is born. Then you’ll be able to go on them together.

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