My Perfect Pregnancy Miracle

As I write this blog post my son is now nine years old and a real mummy’s boy who adores football with a real love for Manchester United Football Club and we have a wonderful life along with my husband as expats in a wonderful hot part of Europe.

However it wasn’t always that wonderful, infact it was far from perfect a decade ago….

I met my husband when I was 17 and we fell madly and deeply in love. In fact we moved in together within six weeks of when we first started dating and everything seemed so wonderful and perfect. However I found out I was pregnant two days after I moved in with him and I was over the moon and so excited about having a child of my own.

Then a week later I miscarried and I was absolutely heartbroken. Over the following nine months I managed to get pregnant a further five times (once of which with twins) each time th0ugh it happened again and again and again.

After being checked out by a doctor I was told that my body wasn’t capable of carrying a baby and that I would always miscarry which I was heartbroken about. Imagine being told you can’t have kids at the tender age of 18 it is not something that any woman should have to go through.

So we put it to the back of our minds and then moved on – after all we were young so it didn’t feel that important t0 us at the time and I could legally adopt at 21 so we would just wait a couple of days.

We were then approached by a woman called Lisa and she offered to help us through chinese medicine. I have always laughed it off and said what a stupid idea all this chinese stuff is and thought it would never happen and it was a pipe dream.

The treatment started in the September of 2000 and then  I got back to work and enjoying living with my darling and didn’t really give it a second thought. The months then went by as they do as we all have busy lives!!!

Then the following April my finance (we were engaged by this point) told me I was putting the pounds on and that he thought I was pregnant. He felt my tummy at night and said it felt hard on touch. I didn’t believe him and after lots of nagging went to the doctors. I said to him that I didn’t think I was pregnant and had just got fat.

He examined me…..

I was exactly 20 weeks pregnant (5 months) and was in total shock!!!

I had missed the miscarriage phase and had a healthy baby growing inside me and I was over the moon. He was born in the summer and was extremely healthy and was a couple of days late with the perfect labour. I could not have asked for a better outcome and even when I look at him now, I can not believe how lucky I am and it is all thanks to Lisa.

Lisa has now put pen to paper and explained exactly how she helped me and plenty of other people and you can find out how by clicking here.

Thanks for reading

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