Mommy Dilemma: Finding Time for Yourself

"mommy alone time"Mothers have the best jobs on earth. This job, however, doesn’t come with any sick pay or vacation time. Unfortunately, moms are not invincible. They need time to themselves in order to relieve stress, get some rest, and prevent potential burnout. Some mothers feel a sense of guilt for wanting some time alone, but they shouldn’t. Taking some time for yourself does not mean that you love your children any less.

How a mom takes time for herself depends on her situation. Moms that have a partner can arrange for their spouse to take the kids to the park for the day. Moms can then take a long bubble bath, read a good book, spend a day getting pampered at the spa, or meet with a friend for lunch and some shopping. Even a few hours once every couple of weeks can make a huge difference to a mom.

Single moms may find it a bit harder to get some quality alone time. Some options include asking the children’s grandparents to take them overnight, contacting a close friend to watch the kids for a few hours, or request help from a fellow church member.

Of course, no matter what your situation, there is always the option of hiring a babysitter in order to get some time apart from the kids. This is just as good of an investment financially, because it is contributing to a mom’s positive mental and emotional health. Look for a teenager in your community that has an excellent reputation. It is also best if that teenager has been CPR certified, or has completed a babysitting course.

Once a mom secures someone to care for her children overnight or for a few hours, she can begin planning what she wants to do. Considering hobbies and special interests is a great idea. A mom could take up an art class, sign-up for dancing lessons, or join an exercise class. So long as the activity is something she is doing for herself and not the rest of the family.

So what is a mom to do if she absolutely cannot find anyone to give her a break? This is just a chance for a mom to get creative. Some moms are able to get up an hour earlier than their kids, while others enjoy an hour at night after the kids go to bed. If this is not something you are capable of doing, try to organize an hour in the middle of the day for your kids to take a nap. Children that are too old for a nap are capable of playing in their rooms quietly for an hour while you relax and work on your own projects (not cleaning projects).

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