Creating Your Own Birth Announcements

"birth announcements"If you want your birth announcements to be unique, then you might want to try making them yourself. You don’t need to be a design whiz either. I found that is was quite easy to create a birth announcement at home, not to mention much cheaper.

The first thing you’ll have to do is purchase paper to print the announcements on. You can stick with regular white typing paper if you wish, but you may want to choose a ream of pink paper if you know you’re having a girl, or blue if you are expecting a boy. There are also additional choices, such as paper that has a more glossy or marbleized finish to it.

Next, you can decide whether to use your word processing program, or something like Photoshop. I stuck with the word processing program because it was easy to use. OpenOffice is another option. Newer computers and laptops come without a word processing program and you can download OpenOffice for free.

Create a box to use as the outline of your birth announcement, or use the entire page if you wish. I like placing 4 boxes on 1 page. You’ll have to cut them out after printing, but at least you will be reducing the amount of paper you need by 4.

Choose a corner of the announcement and insert your baby’s picture in it. If you plan on creating the announcements before the baby is born, just leave a space there so you can paste a picture in at a later date. Of course, a clipart picture of a baby will work for anyone who doesn’t wish to include a photo at the time of the announcement.

Adding information is the next step on the list. Most birth announcements include the baby’s full name, height, weight, and length. You can type that information in the birth announcement if your baby has already been born, or simply create the headings followed by a line. Insert the information on the lines by hand after the baby is born.

Finish the announcement off by adding a cute poem, or any special words you want to share about your new little one. Save and print the final birth announcements. Mail to your friends and family members. Make sure you keep a copy for your baby’s keepsake box.

Note: Women who enjoy scrapbooking can create each birth announcement by handing using scrapbook supplies if they wish. This process takes up a great deal of time, but will produce beautiful announcements.

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