Baby Shower Ideas

"baby shower ideas"These days almost anything goes when it comes to baby shower ideas. Even males are now being invited to take part is the baby showers. Still, if you find that you are having trouble coming up with the perfect theme, consider some of the following options:

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Baby shower ideas can revolve around a childhood favorite. The Very Hungry Caterpillar is a popular children’s book written by Eric Carle. Start off by decorating your party room with butterflies and caterpillars with some of the butterflies descending down from the ceiling. Your cake can resemble a caterpillar, and you can even give a copy of The Very Hungry Caterpillar to each of the guests as a party favor. This is one of my favorite baby shower ideas because you can get so creative with it. It also works whether you are expecting a boy or a girl.

Noah’s Ark

Who doesn’t love cute little animals that come two by two. In fact, this is one of the baby shower ideas that you can use if your guest of honor is expecting twins. You can decorate your cake with little plastic animals, or have the cake formed in the shape of an ark. Don’t forget to decorate your walls with a rainbow and the party room with stuffed animals. Most times baby shower ideas include a project. One fun project you can take part in involves purchasing a onesie for each guest and having them draw an animal in the center of the onesie with puffy paint.

Diapers Galore

One item all new moms will need for at least two years after the baby is born is diapers. Most baby shower ideas are just for fun, but this one is practical, not that you can’t make the party itself fun. Send out invitations in the form of a diaper and make the cake look like a new baby that is wearing a diaper. Request all guests bring a few packs of diapers and create a pyramid out of them to give the new mom to be. Baby shower ideas should have a focus on the items the new mom needs the most. You may even want to put a few diapers on some stuffed animals and set them in various places around the room.

Family Tree

What happens when a new baby is born? The family tree sprouts a new branch. Among the baby shower ideas listed above, this one is the only one that is personalized. You can place a big tree on the wall that lists the current family tree with the lowest branch reserved for the new baby. You can decorate the cake with a picture of your family, or form the cake in the shape of a tree. Baby shower ideas should also include a party favor. You can give your guests little nests filled with candy eggs as party favors.

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